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3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 Multimedia File
Extension Added: June, 15th 2013
Last Updated: June, 16th 2013

Category:Video Files
Popularity: (Common)

The 3G2 file format is part of the 3GPP multimedia format family. 3GPP is an acronym for “3rd Generation Partnership Project”, a multimedia services program aimed at upgrading the transmission of video and audio files between 3G-capable devices and over the internet.

3G2 files can contain both audio and video data. They’re essentially an upgraded version of the older, 3GP multimedia files. Both formats are still used for sending multimedia content between Smartphones and are supported by a wide range of terminals from any mobile carrier.

Files of the 3G2 format are supported by multiple media players (see below) and can also be converted to other, more popular formats.