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Data File
Extension Added: November, 23rd 2010
Last Updated: May, 28th 2013

Category:Data Files
Popularity: (Very common)

Files with the DAT extension are data files generated by applications or stored on the computer during software installation or updating processes. DAT files contain encoded data needed for running programs. They’re not human-readable and not meant to be opened manually.

Because of this it can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to identify the program needed to open a specific DAT file.

However, changing the file extension from DAT to TXT and opening it in a basic text editor may reveal some clues about the application using the file. Sometimes, parts of the DAT file are human-readable and contain the name of the program associated with the file or the folder or some file paths.

Caution is advised when opening a DAT file in a text editor since changing any of its information and saving the changes will probably result in unexpected runtime errors.

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