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Apple OS Disk Image File
Extension Added: March, 19th 2014
Last Updated: September, 18th 2015

Category:Compressed Files
Popularity: (Very common)

These .DMG files (standing for ‘DiskImage’) are disk image files intended for use on Apple OS systems. Commonly used for data exchange and also software installers for Apple OS applications downloaded via the internet, where the single .DMG file contains all necessary files to install a program on the user’s system.

Once successfully downloaded and opened, the Apple operating system mounts these .DMG disk images as if an external drive (E.g a USB memory stick) is attached to the system.

The .DMG image format supports many types of volume types (FAT, HFS, HFS+ etc) and also supports encryption (where a password is required to open the file). Internal compression is also supported, making .DMG files great alternatives to the popular .ZIP archive format.

Although the format is considered exclusive to Apple OS X, applications exist for Windows that are able to both open and extract data from within .DMG files, as well as compress/decompress options. Windows applications also exist to convert these files to the standard Windows disk image format ‘.ISO’.

It should be noted that although data may be extracted from a .DMG file, only certain types of data will be compatible with the Windows operating system such as images, video, audio, text, html etc).