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Encapsulated PostScript File
Extension Added: January, 5th 2015
Last Updated: January, 5th 2015

Category:Raster Image Files
Popularity: (Common)

The EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file format is based on the PostScript concatenative programming language developed by Adobe Systems Inc. EPS files can contain bitmap images, two-dimensional vector graphics and text. They can be placed in a different PostScript document as images or drawings.

EPS files also support thumbnail previews and besides the stored bitmaps or vector graphics they can also contain additional printing information. Vector based EPS files can be scaled to any size without losing any of the image's quality. They can be based on the Pantone or CMYK color model. EPS files based on raster images are usually also CMYK files or Pantone tri-tone or duo-tone files but scaling them beyond their original resolution will results in quality loss. 

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