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Executable File
Extension Added: October, 25th 2010
Last Updated: October, 25th 2010

Category:Executable Files
Popularity: (Very common)
Executable file - often the first file that is 'EXEcuted' when loading a software program.

The file extension .exe is associated with executables on a wide range of operating systems, from early systems using DOS and OS/2 to more modern operating systems such as Windows and Symbian.

Executable files can generally be opened by double-clicking the file's icon or file name.

The actual .exe file may contain references to other resource files for the application to operate, or it may even contain its resources within the executable file itself. Some of the most common filenames given to executables on the Windows operating system are setup.exe and install.exe.

To run an executable (.exe file) on another operating system (Apple Mac for example) you will need emulation software (such as Darwine).