IPD file extension

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RIM BlackBerry Backup File (Deprecated)
Extension Added: April, 24th 2011
Last Updated: February, 28th 2012

Category:Data Files
Popularity: (Common)
Backup of personal data and/or phone settings from a BlackBerry mobile/cell phone.

The IPD file format was created by Research In Motion (RIM) specifically for BlackBerry devices, and is used to store multiple databases from a BlackBerry smart-phone device; such as address book, email messages, MMS, SMS, calendar etc. If a user has selected a full backup, the IPD file could contain more than 40 different databases.

These IPD files are created by 'BlackBerry Desktop Manager' when a BlackBerry is connected to a computer. The IPD file was not intended to be opened or edited, instead it serves only to backup and restore data. Depending on the options selected, the backup could be encrypted - preventing unauthorised access.

BlackBerry data backed up from the Apple Mac operating system is given the .BBB file extension.