LOG file extension

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Event Log File
Extension Added: May, 11th 2013
Last Updated: May, 11th 2013

Category:Document Files
Popularity: (Very common)

LOG files are simple ASCII text files created by the Operating System, Programs or Web Servers. When created by applications LOG files usually contain information about the installation process. This may include the names of the files that were added to the hard disk, their paths and errors encountered. Application LOG files are useful when trying to remove all files associated with a certain program and when troubleshooting unusual behavior.

The Operating System generates LOG files to keep track of certain events or to record errors
such as sudden system crashes. These files usually contain the name of the event and a timestamp. Web Servers create LOG files to save information about visitors. This includes pages accessed, duration, timestamps and IP addresses.

 LOG File information is saved in plain text format in order to minimize file size and to allow viewing and editing with any text editor.

Mac OSx
Unix (Linux etc)

Windows Registry Hive Log File
Extension Added: November, 2nd 2010
Last Updated: November, 2nd 2010

Category:System Files
Popularity: (Very common)
Used to store changes made to the Windows registry. Typically named 'ntuser.dat.LOG', these .LOG files are part of the Windows registry hive, a logically linked collection of files keys and values - an essential part of the Windows operating system. These files are often found in the %system32%\config\systemprofile folder.

Windows Registry