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MPEG-4 Audio File
Extension Added: June, 11th 2013
Last Updated: June, 11th 2013

Category:Audio Files
Popularity: (Very common)

The M4A extension indicates a file created using the MPEG-4 audio/video compression method. Introduced in 1998 by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), the compression method is used for internet TV broadcasting, music distribution, telephony and web streams.

M4A files are essentially the audio track of MPEG-4 videos. The same encoding is used to create both. This can be ALAC – Apple Lossless Audio Codec or AAC – Advanced Audio Coding. Audio files having the same extension as video files but no video content led to some confusion among users. Because of this, the M4A extension replaced the MPEG one for audio-only files.

The MPEG audio format has gained significant popularity in recent years largely due to iTunes selling songs in the M4A format. M4A files can be opened with a variety of multimedia applications.