MDB file extension

Below you'll find information on
known file types that use the .MDB file extension.

Microsoft Access MDB Database File
Extension Added: November, 23rd 2010
Last Updated: November, 23rd 2010

Category:Database Files
Popularity: (Very common)
Contains data from a relational database created by earlier versions (pre 2007) of Microsoft Access, part of Microsoft's Office suite.

The actual data format used in these .MDB files is based on the Microsoft's Access Jet Database Engine, which is also used by a number of Microsoft's other applications.

Newer versions (2007+) of Microsoft Access now use the .ACCDB file extension.

Samsung PC Link 2000 Phonebook Backup
Extension Added: May, 10th 2013
Last Updated: May, 10th 2013

Category:Backup & Archive Files
Popularity: (Uncommon)

MDB Files are backup files created with the PC Link 2000 software developed by Samsung. PC Link 2000 is a deprecated application used for syncing older Samsung phones like the T300 or the M100 Uproar with the PC.
The MDB file format was used for saving all Phonebook contacts and the phone’s Personal
Information Manager into a single file and for restoring them or transferring them
to another device. To restore all data from a MDB file the device needs to be
connected to the computer and recognized by PC Link 2000 or Samsung Kies.
If the application is not installed on the computer or if the device is experiencing
connection problems, contact information can be extracted manually by opening
the MDB file with Microsoft Access.