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MPEG Layer 3 (AC3) Audio File
Extension Added: June, 13th 2013
Last Updated: June, 13th 2013

Category:Audio Files
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Audio file created using the MPEG Layer 3 audio compression method. The format was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) in 1993. It wasn’t until the late nineties that MP3s became extremely popular and the audio format of choice for consumers.

The MPEG Layer 3 audio compression is “lossy” resulting in files of lower quality but also of reduced size. The main purpose of MP3 files was to allow users to store a large number of audio files on their computers or media players. This was impossible with CD-quality formats but MP3s made it possible due to their reduced size. MP3s are over ten times smaller than the original CD tracks.

Even if MP3s are lossy files, the audio parts that suffer from a reduced accuracy are beyond the hearing range of most people. Such compression methods are known as “perceptual coding”. MP3 quality and size are dictated by the bitrate used when creating them. The most common setting is 128 kbit/s. Higher bitrates result in slight larger files of near-CD audio quality.