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Nokia Backup File (Deprecated)
Extension Added: May, 9th 2013
Last Updated: May, 10th 2013

Category:Backup & Archive Files
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NBF stands for Nokia Backup File. NBF files were created with Nokia PC Suite and used for saving all important phone data to the PC. This includes contacts, photos, videos, messages, notes, calendar, music and documents. 

NBF files could also be used for restoring all phone data to the same device or to a different one through Nokia PC Suite. The NBF file format was later replaced by the NBU file format.

NBF files are series 40 backup files which are essentially RAR archives. The contents of a NBF file can be manually extracted by changing the extension to ZIP or RAR and using a compression utility to open 
it. Phone contacts are stored within NBF files as VCF files (vCard). 
These can be extracted manually and opened with Nokia PC Suite as well as various Address Book applications. Text editors can also be used to view some vCard information such as numbers and names.