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Samsung New PC Studio File
Extension Added: May, 9th 2013
Last Updated: May, 10th 2013

Category:Backup & Archive Files
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NPF Files are backup files created with Samsung New PC 
Studio, an application used for syncing older Samsung phones
with the PC. Samsung New PC Studio cannot be used with 
phones that run smart operating systems such as Android.
The NPF file format is used for saving all Phonebook contacts 
into a single file and for restoring or transferring them to another device. 
This can be done through Samsung New PC Studio or through Samsung Kies. To restore all 
contacts from a NPF file the device needs to be connected to the computer and recognized by
Samsung Kies or Samsung New PC Studio.
If the application is not installed on the computer or if the device is experiencing connection
problems, contact information can be extracted manually by changing the NPF
extension to MDB and opening the file with Microsoft Access.