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Hypertext Pre-Processor PHP Script File
Extension Added: November, 1st 2010
Last Updated: April, 24th 2011

Category:Script Files
Popularity: (Very common)
Script file used in the development of web pages and applications. Known as 'Hypertext Pre-Processor', these files are first processed on a web server before the resulting HTML is sent to a user's browser.

The .PHP script itself is stored in a plain-text format, so can be edited by the vast majority of text editors.

When a PHP file is executed, for example when an internet user visits a webpage address such as the PHP script (in this example examplePage.php) begins processing.

This PHP script can do any number of things, from retrieving a list of names from a database to checking a visitor's username and password are correct (to allow to access a secure section of a website).

Once the PHP script has finished processing, a dynamically generated HTML page is returned to the client's browser, such as a page stating the username/password is correct or that the entered username/password combination is incorrect, depending on the result of the PHP scripts validation.

As these files sit on the web server, they behave exactly the same on each browser.

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