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Portable Network Graphics
Extension Added: July, 21st 2013
Last Updated: July, 21st 2013

Category:Raster Image Files
Popularity: (Very common)

Files with the PNG extension are compressed image files. The Portable Network Graphics format was developed in 1996 by the PNG Development Group as a non-proprietary alternative for the patented Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Besides being free of limitations, it also offered increased color support.

Portable Network Graphics is now the most used format for saving compressed lossless images. They can be based on 32-bit RGBA and 24-bit RGB color palettes, monochrome or full color RGBA images.

The only downsides to using the PNG format are that it doesn’t support the CMYK color space and cannot save animated GIF-like images. PNG images are supported by most web browsers and the programs below.