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Samsung Phone Book for Kies
Extension Added: May, 9th 2013
Last Updated: May, 10th 2013

Category:Backup & Archive Files
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SPB files are created with Samsung Kies, an application used for upgrading device firmware and for syncing Samsung smartphones and tablets with the PC. The SPB (Samsung Phone Book) file format is used for saving all Phonebook contacts into a single file and for restoring or transferring them to another device. 

To restore all contacts from a SPB file the device needs to be connected to the computer and recognized by Samsung Kies. If the application fails to recognize it, the only way to restore contacts is by converting the last SPB file to the VSF format using Samsung Kies and copying all resulting files to a new “Contacts” folder on the SD card of the device.   
After all contacts are stored on the SD card they can be manually imported using the “Import from SD card” option.

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