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Shockwave Flash Animation
Extension Added: June, 23rd 2013
Last Updated: June, 23rd 2013

Category:Video Files
Popularity: (Very common)

SWF files contain animations created using Adobe Flash. The SWF file format was originally developed by Macromedia and is currently owned and maintained by Adobe Systems.

Shockwave Flash animations can use raster graphics and vector graphics. They can also include text and also support user controlled actions created with ActionScript, an object-oriented programming language also developed by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe.

SWF files can be played with Flash Player, with any browser that has the Flash plug-in installed or with one of the programs below.

ShockWave Flash
Extension Added: June, 18th 2011
Last Updated: June, 18th 2011

Category:Video Files
Popularity: (Common)
Used to deliver animated content within web pages, .SWF files are created using "Adobe Flash" and played using "Flash Player", a free plug-in for web-browsers.

These animation files can contain a variety of different file types to create the final animation, such as images, text and sound and "ActionScript" files, which are used to direct the animation.

Flash was originally developed by MacroMedia, but was later bought by Adobe in 2005.

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