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Camcorder Video File (High Definition)
Extension Added: March, 11th 2011
Last Updated: March, 11th 2011

Category:Video Files
Popularity: (Common)
Container file used to store both video and audio data. These files are created by various makes and models of high-definition digital camcorders, however the extension was first used by JVC. Other camcorder manufacturers to use the .TOD extension are Panasonic and Canon.

A time-stamp file with the extension .MOI is usually found in the same folder as these .TOD file. This .MOI time-stamp file is used to store when the video was recorded and its length.

The standard-definition equivalent of these .TOD files are given the .MOD extension, and differ slightly in the way the video is recorded. Videos with the .TOD extension (high-definition) use the "extended MPEG-2 transport stream" whereas the .MOD files use the "MPEG-2 program stream". Despite the extension naming convention, the .TOD files are the same as .M2TS and .MTS files and .MOD files are the same as .MPG or .MPEG files.

Audio data recorded belonging to both high-definition and standard-definition videos use "MPEG-1 Audio Layer II" compression.