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Virtual Card File
Extension Added: June, 8th 2013
Last Updated: June, 8th 2013

Category:Data Files
Popularity: (Very common)

Virtual Card File used for storing the contact information of a person or a company. They usually include the name, phone number, home address, e-mail address, work related info, notes and other personal data. Images and additional fields can also be added.

Besides storing contact information, VCF files are also used for sharing it. The VCF file format is the standard for exporting and importing contact data and is supported by all major operating systems.

VCF files are opened automatically with Windows Contacts (Windows) or with Address Book (Mac OS). They’re also supported by a large number of e-mail management applications. Contact information can also be viewed with any text editor but if the VCF file also contains media elements, these will be displayed as binary data.

Windows Contacts
Mac OSx
Address Book
Unix (Linux etc)