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Video Object File
Extension Added: June, 22nd 2013
Last Updated: June, 22nd 2013

Category:Video Files
Popularity: (Very common)

The VOB video format is the industry standard container used for DVD-Video media. Similar to any video container format, it supports a wide range of data streams. Additionally, it also supports encryption used for copyright protection purposes.

VOB files can contain audio, video and subtitle data and are usually found in the “VIDEO_TS” folder of the DVD. Video data can be compressed using MPEG-2 or H.262 encoding while audio data is usually compressed with MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Audio Layer II encoding.

Unfortunately, VOB files cannot be compressed using the high quality MPEG-4 and AAC encoding methods. The maximum quality of VOB files is 480p which can be seen as slightly obsolete when compared to present standards.