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WAVE Audio File
Extension Added: June, 14th 2013
Last Updated: June, 14th 2013

Category:Audio Files
Popularity: (Very common)

Files with the WAV extension are audio files and are also known as Waveform files. The WAV file format is one of the first and oldest audio formats used on a large scale. 

It was developed by Microsoft in conjunction with IBM to be used as a solution for storing audio data on the PC.

After it was introduced with Windows 3.1 it gained massive popularity and became the standard audio format worldwide until it was superseded by the MP3 format. The Waveform audio compression can be both lossy and lossless. Nowadays, the most common format used for lossy files is the MP3 one but lossless WAV files are still in use as they provide excellent sound quality.

Since the format has been around for such a long time, WAV files can be opened with almost all media players and on any operating system.