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Windows Live Movie Maker Project File
Extension Added: March, 10th 2011
Last Updated: March, 10th 2011

Category:Project Files
Popularity: (Very common)
Project file used by Microsoft's Windows Live Movie Maker application. These .WLMP files are used to store a list of references to the original media files (photo/video/audio etc) being used to produce the final movie.

These .WLMP files are not video files, instead they simply contain a list of paths to the media files required to produce a video. Opening a .WLMP file with a text-editor will display a listing of these references.

Windows Live Movie Maker is currently only available for the Windows operating system. It is arguably the most popular video editing tool on the Windows platform, partly because it is free and aimed at the more casual computer user.

WLMP allows the production of movies created from a user's photos and videos and features basic special effects, transitions, sounds and captions.

Windows Live Media Player is installed as part of the Windows Live suite of applications (see links section).